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Seasonnal Allergies

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    Riley Wiers

    My 2 year old Pit has a really hard time from Mars to October with allergies. we live in Virginia beach. When i take him to the vet the give him steroids but it’s only a short term sollution has it can cause a whole lot of new problems, it is very bad for the liver . it relieved him for the 3 weeks he was on and now that he is off the meds he is back to the old habits. i do give him benadryl but it does not seem to help. he is scheduled for an allergy test on May 12 but i am wondering what to do until then. he is pulling his hair out, excessive licking and bitting too the point where he bleeds and gets the skin very raw.

    Anybody went throught the same situation that could help me out, i really don’t like to see my dog suffer like that and i want to help making him feel better until the vet finds out what he is allergic too and what can be done.


    thank you

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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