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Rescue Family

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    Hi I just wanted to pop in and introduce my pup and our family. We are the proud owners of one adorable Pit. Though he is not our first pit as I have had pits since I myself was a child. We have lost many pits along our way but that is the unfortunate side to rescueing animals. We rescues pits in need and many other animals. Currently our bundle of joys name is Chevy Nova. We call him Dino the dum dum cause he has a tendency to plow into Dad and only Dad eveyday after work. The dum dum comes from one of our favorite lines Dum dum want Gum gum… Lol he is really a smart dog but does some of the most rediculous things. His favorite passtimes are one to jump on the couch and slowly fall off it or to stand infront of the cats and jump up and down in play stance. 🙂 Our cats are exactly the most tolerant of him so he has gotten a few face wounds. Never anything bad but it seems that no matter what he takes he just keeps comeing back. He has never laid his mouth or even his paws on one of our other animals but loves to bring them toys… even the mean cat??? so we call him dum dum cause he just loves the abuse. We also have 3 kids which he follows just like Pete in little rascals. We have a large lot that our house sits on and he has plenty of room to romp around but like most pits would rather follow his kids around. The newest addition we have is our two 4 week old lambs. whom of coarse Chevy has adopted as his own. I had never seen chevy be extrememly protective over anything until the 2nd week they were here. Our neighbor chihauhua had gotten out and was standing by our fence and he noticed. Though he did not even attempt to lunge or attack you could see his hair stand on edge and his but was no longer in the air he went straight to full stance! I was shocked but the good boy he is stoped the second he heard his command to back. We truely love all our animals and our wonderful joy of bullys! I am so glad to have found this site… though looking for friends on it seems to be a bit confusing. I look forward to meeting more people and there lovely dogs!
    The Fries family


    oh wow!! Your baby pit is beautiful!! Glad to meet another rescue family. My girls are both rescue dogs. Our first was abandoned in a forest (she has one eye and was severely malnourished) and the second we rescued to save not only her (who was moments away from being put down by the previous owners) but by rescuing her, we were able to open a spot for a dog that was sentenced to die that same day.

    It is wonderful to see that there are others out there that have a big heart for these fantastic dogs.

    ps. people think my baby girl Marley looks just like pete from the little rascals too! haha

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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