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Recurring Staph Infection

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    My 1.5 year old Am Staff, Atticus has been battling a recurring staph infection for the better part of 2011.  The symptoms were mild when they began but soon he also developed mange.  We began treatment for his mange back at the beginning of the summer but he continued to break out with the infection after each bath.   After 2 months of the mange treatment, Atticus had a huge setback and spent 3 weeks at the vet battling a serious staph/e-coli infection that caused his entire face to swell. 

    Our vet seems to think that Atticus has environmental allergies.We change our air filters every few months and use the allergen free filters. We’ve also switched our laundry detergent and dish soap to hypoallergenic and he’s on hypoallergenic Science Diet and only eats Salmon flavored treats. He doesn’t eat any sort of human food. He stays inside during the day and only goes outside for the bathroom and to play for a few minutes

     The vet has tried 3 or 4 different antibiotics (cephalexin, baytril, clindamycin) to treat the infection but they only seem to work for a few weeks at a time. He seemed to be on the road to recovery and was ready to begin his mange treatments again after a 2 month break but his face began to break out and swell again 2 weeks ago. His entire face begins to break out with massive blood-filled bumps that irritate him which causes him to scratch and bleed. He has tried 3 different steroids but even those don’t seem to be helping with the swelling. 

    Atticus has handled the stress of the illness like a champ. No matter how swollen his face gets or how much he bleeds (which is a lot!), he still wants to run and play and be affectionate. 

    We are at a loss for what to do now. We have invested several thousands of dollars into his medical care since we have adopted him and we don’t want to give up on him. 

    Anyone else have a pit with these type of skin issues?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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