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Reason for Attack

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    I am the owner of a pibull/boxer.He is 8 to nine months old. His name is bowser. I live in a neighborhood that includes two other pitbulls. One of these pitbulls, Gunney is from the same litter as my dog, therefore the same age. Me and my friend regurally let them play with each other. It is a good form of excercise and it is fun to watch them play. My dog is gets along well with all dogs he has ever met. However, Gunney is not as friendly. He loves bowser and the other pit in the neighborhood, but he as never liked the little dog named daisy that lives there too. She is an older dog and very loving. She is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met. My dog is around here regurally due to the fact she sometimes hangs around my house. He tries to play with her but she is old and does not like to play so she will sometimes bite at him to let him know. He gets the hint and leaves normally. However when bowser and gunney were playing today daisy was walking up to them while they were playing. Gunney playfully bites her on the neck and she responded by biting at him. This sent him into a blind rage and he attacked her very violently. He was shaking her around in his mouth. My friend and I were trying as hard as we could to get him off. We were hitting him in the nose, pulling, yelling, slapping, we didnt know what to do. Then my typically nice dog decides to jump in too and decides to bite her in the neck. Now there are two dogs attacking the poor little dog. We finally got them off and she limped off into the woods. We gave our dogs a thourgh spanking and put them in my dog’s pen. My question is , What made Gunney so mad to attack her. My dog plays the roughest out of all of them yet normally he is the friendliest to people and new dogs. My dog sometimes bites Gunney on the ear until he squeals. What made gunney attack daisy who barely bite him and not bowser he often bites him around the neck and plays rough with him.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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