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    Hi all,

    Hi all,
    I am new to this site and hope you might have some advice. I have a 4 month old Lab-Pit mix. She has learned the basic obedience commands and is about 90% housebroken. However, she does not respond well to commands of “no” and will growl/lunge at us and she likes to bite. We have tried the shake can technique, yelling “ow” and ignoring her, etc to no avail. She has drawn blood a few times now.

    I’ve read about every training book in my local library, so I’m pretty sure it is something that I am doing wrong. I know time is limited to correct this and am hoping you might have some suggestions on what I should try. She is not currently spayed, but will be before 6 months old (state law for rescued dogs).

    Thank you for your time!


    Hey there. Glad to see you on the site hopefully you find the fourms helpful. They are nice to see what everyone has learned from their expriences. Well you have a good combination for a chewer. Both breeds are known for chewing. You mentioned she has basic obedience. Did you take her to obedience classes or did you do the training on your own? I’m not against doing it on your own but I have noticed with this breed actually putting them in classes really helps the socialization and also makes them understand better that you are in charge. My mom has a female that is 9months old she is already over 50lbs and a solid mass of muscle. She is very nippy and will not listen to my mom. She is male type dog. She will do anything my dad tells her to do and she follows him around everywhere. When I tell my two no or they start to get wild or over excited to someone coming in the house. I get a spray bottle (water only of course) and they get sprayed. Similar to a cat. When training them you want to say no when you spray so they put the two together. Within the first couple of times they got the message and now I just grab the bottle and they stop immediately. It’s funny because people are amazed at how they react. I only smack if there is an exterem reason for it. That would be me taking a shower and when I get out I find my pillows shredded all over the house. Keep in mind those pillows didn’t just appear overnight they have been there forever. Usually though the voice and water bottle is enough. If she loves water like my moms pit then the spray bottle may not work. In that case I would try the dominating part standing up to her and showing her that her doing that is not going to phase you and you will not back down so it’s best she does. She is still small so this might work for you too. As crazy as this sounds I actually bite them back! I read along time ago that biting a dog on their ear shows them dominance. Once I put it into action believe it or not it worked. Kira bit me once while wrestling and I had told her to calm down and she didn’t stop so I grabbed her held her down and bit her ear. She yelp and looked at me like mom damn I can’t believe you just did that. She never did it again. There are a few things you can try hope they work. Also keep in mind if when she growls and lunges at you you change your “energy” and become afraid because she might bite or does she will sense that and know she’s winning the battle (not good).


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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