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PUPPY to PUPPY aggression!

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    Hi  everyone!

    My boyfriend has two beautiful gorgeous babies (that are actually around 5 mos now =p) but i still see them as babies!! They stay at mine every other week im so in love with them!! When i found out he was getting pitbulls i was a bit weary so i did alot of research on them and now im completely and utterly inlove with these misunderstood love bugs! HOWEVER, now my question to all you pitbull experts and owners who may have dealt with a similar situation, his two puppies (a brother and sister from the same litter) are very aggressive toward eachother and they havnt even reached maturity! This is not all the time. Most of the time they cannot live without eachother, and they follow eachother around and only play fight. But sometimes the fighting escalates into a real fight where they bear teeth i didnt even know they had, tails standing up, dangerous noises and even blood. I am worried this will only get worse. any tips?? we dont want to get rid of either oof them. will de-sexing them in a month or so help??

    ps. its the FEMALE who is showing dominance over him! she is even growing FASTER! she takes his food and his toys. she is a beautiful dog too she just loves attention! 🙁

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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