proper introduction for my “old” dog nd the “new” dog

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    Hi All!!

    I have a question to ask and would love to hear your opinions on the right way to introoduce my dogs to each other.  A year ago I had a pit/lab mix that I had from about 5 weeks of age until about 7 months old.  Circumstances with my landlord made me have to find another place for him (bruzer) to stay.  

    i was lucky enough to find a friend of my mom’s who gladly took him in.  A month and a half ago I FINALLY found a place to live with a big private yard and enough room in th ehouse for a dog, so we adopted BJ, a now 5 month old red nose/ blue nose mix.  He is the greatest dog, and sooooooooooo smart.  

    Now situations have changed and Bruzer needs to come and stay with me for about 4 moonths.  BJ and Bruzer are buddies and have had play dates together, but have never been inside together.  What can I do to make this change peaceful for both of my boys?  


    thanks for reading!!

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