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Playing Tug of War With Leash

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    My question. I am having a problem with Bailey that I cannot solve and would like help on how to solve it as it is really frustrating me. When I want to take my Puppy for a walk he wants to play Tug of War with his Leash and I cannot get him to settle down and stop this behavior. I have never played Tug of War with him ever with anything also he wont heal on a Leash but wants to pull me down the sidewalk when he finally does decides on stopping the Tug of War game. Nothing that I know of will distract him from this behavior. The exception to this is when I use a Gentile Leader with him then I am in control of him and he is well behaved. I would like to be able to walk him with a regular collar and not have him pull me and choke himself till his tong turns blue and starts gagging. Also I would like to be able to walk him eventually off leash down the sidewalk without him leaving my side. Can anyone help us with this? He has been through Puppy Kindergarten and I was happy with this faze of his training. But I did have to use the Gentle Leader. But now I want to take him to the next faze

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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