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Playing or an attack?

Welcome to Pitbulls.org Forums Pit Bull Talk General Discussion Playing or an attack?

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    MY Pitt is 3 and a female and she has a playmate , my other puppy who is aprox 8 months old.

    My pitt grabbed my LabraPittMutt’s bacvk and shook it fiercely while growling.

    The puppy didn’t cry out at all .

    I stopped it and the puppy only had slobber in her fur and was wagging her tail as if nothing happened.

    I put my Pitt in her “house”/crate. I just told her to got to her house and she went in .

    My LabraPitt Mutt (hybrid) has a very thick coat with lots of loose skin on her back. I think that is what saved her.

    I don’t know anyone to ask about it.

    Some people have said if my Pitt meant to hurt her she would have. It certainly looked like my Pitt was trying toi rip the puppies back open.

    At the time my puppy was wearing a great big thing on her head from the vet. I just had her fixed.

    I has left the two dogs sleeping in my bed together while I went in my oiffice to work .

    About 40 minutes lkater I heard the fighting.

    My dogs like to play rough and enjoy grabbing each others cheeks and poulling thjem.’

    But they never hurt each other .

    I don’t leave my Piit out with my other dogs anymore while I am not watching her.




    Sorry for typos. I didn’t even have coffee. I have been researching frantically to try to get some answers.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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