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Pitbulls are mean???!

Welcome to Pitbulls.org Forums Pit Bull Talk General Discussion Pitbulls are mean???!

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    Figured I would share a story. I’m walking in the park with my Bella baby and minding my own business until I walk past a little girl who starts screaming about wanting to pet her so I automatically snap my fingers and Bella sits then lays down and te little girl starts racing to pet and play with her…out of no where her mom comes running up and screams “NO NO honey that’s a PITBULL and they are not nice dogs to play with” all the while Bella is laying on her back completely still other then her tail wagging like crazy…this is the same dog who accidentally caught a bird(she likes chasing them)…set it on the ground when I told her to drop it and started licking it until it flew away…I don’t understand the ignorance of people and the ignorance being spread to the children. My rant for the night…wish i could figure out a way to give these amazing dogs back the good name they deserve…hmmmmm

    Michele camden

    I do not care what people think… I have a pit rescue that has been trained … skeeter is a seizzure notification animal and a companion assistance animal for my husband is registered withthe AKC and has won 2 years in a row good citizen awards he proudly displays his awards and golden patches on his red walking vest.  people are ignorant of the breed… it is not the breed that is bad it was a few bad owners that gave them a bad name …..

    it is like this… if I hear a white man say they do not like black people I do not ASSUME all white people are racist …. but I know that person is…. so if ONE pit bull does something wrong that does not make every one of them aggressive and mean….

    i am proof and I hold proof that with training, patience, and love you can have a pit bull that everyone can enjoy!!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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