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Pitbull is getting very independant

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    Hi everyone!

    I just mooved in Dominica with my almost 2 years old american pitbull terrier. We used to stay in a small appartment in Canada but we mooved in a huge house with a big property. We also have an other puppy in the property, so they are running free, eveywhere for the whole, and I only keep my dog indoor at night. When we were in Canada I used to exercice him myself more often, and we did much more activities then now.


    My dog is getting more and more independant and I am wondering if I should leave him outdoor this much. Can you give me some advices?


    Tildas daddy

    Never leave ur dogs unattended.


    Well I guess that leaving them all free in the property aint good.

    Ill try to make sure hes under surveillance at anytime, either by us or the neighbor if we aint there,



    Yes, dogs should NEVER be left to roam free unattended!  I am sorry to say, but that is irresponsible.  Why have dogs if they are left outside to roam the property?  What is the point?  I am not trying to be mean, but just inquiring. 

    Pit bulls are not meant to be outdoor dogs.  They don’t have the fur nor the skin to be left outside in different climates, as there is in Canada.  Do you not worry about your dog getting into something somewhere where no one can see?  Pit bulls, and all dogs for that matter, want to be with their people and not left up to their own devices to do nothing but roam.  These dogs tend to become feral and unsocialized and can harm and kill other animals and possibly harm people.  Free-roam dogs are what tend to make up media reports of dog bites.  Sure, you may have a large property, but if you are not there to watch them 24 hours of the day, you don’t know where they may wander off to.  You may end up with a dead dog from someone shooting it, hit by a car, dying from a disease, or who knows what else. 

    Having a dog means spending quality time with it, training the dog, mentally enriching his life, and so much more.  It doesn’t mean just letting him outside to roam.  That doesn’t help the dog at all.  That just sets him up for injuries, diseases, and possibly death.  If that dog does something to another animal or human, that is just another black mark against the pit bull breed and its cousins…something we DON’T need. 

    Please be a responsible pit bill owner.



    since when did i say that my dog is all day outside. my dog is out from 1 to 4 so please ask before speaking. he is not a outdoor dog. he is a indoor dog and he is a very well behave dog. He was trained by the police and has a very good education.

    The only thing i said, was that when i go to work my dog stay with my family neighbor who lives in the same house, but under us, and she already has one dog. So when she is here she let the dog play in our big garden, and the dog can run all time long. But she is here to stay with them and whenever she doesnt see them she calls them back and they come as soon as she does. And when im back i stay with my dog.

    Seriously man, give advice is one thing but judging people is an other thing. And before judging you better ask questions.
    Btw my dog is probably one of the nicest dog i ever saw. so please watch youyr language!

    That is totally wrong what you just said!!!!

    And btw for your information my property is closed and i live in dominica, which is totally different from usa. Nobody can enter my property. Again be smart and ask questions.

    The only thing that i said was that in canada i did not work so my dog was 24hours with me, but now that i do, he is with my family neighbor for few ours a day, so we dont do as much as we used too. Before i used to work with my trainer everyday for my dog. Now i can only spend all morning and at 4 i come back at home. And i dont think that your dog is with you 24h neither.

    But thank you for your nice comment.



    So sorry for misinterpreting what you said.  Good grief. 

    This is what I say on your post that concerened me (and I cut and pasted DIRECTLY from your initial post):

    “We also have an other puppy in the property, so they are running free, eveywhere for the whole, and I only keep my dog indoor at night.”

    To me, that says that they are running free everywhere during the day and you only keep your dog indoors at night.  Correct me if I am misinterpreting what you actually typed in your initial post.  Your post wasn’t too clear.  Apparently Tildasdaddy felt the same way.  I just want into more detail on why it wasn’t a good idea and that it did seem like you were being irresponsible.  Re-read your initial post and see why I thought that. 

    Even if you have a “closed” property (I am assuming it is a fence and not a 20 foot concrete wall), dogs can still get over, as can other animals or people.  If there is someone watching them during the day to make sure they are ok, then it probably isn’t a big deal.

    You are right that I am not with my dog 24 hours a day.  But, she has free roam of my house INSIDE or goes to doggie daycare 2-3 days during the week. 

    I apologize if I offended you, but you were not very clear in your post with the area that I pointed out.  I am all about the welfare of the animals, and it sounded like you were leaving your dogs outside all day and only bringing them in at night.  If that isn’t really the case, then I apologize.     




    Hi, well i read again what I wrote in my initial message and I guess that it was really not clear. I am sorry but english is not my first language and it is very difficult for me to actually express what i want in proper way. I can understand why you did interpret that way, but i was just very upset because I am a very  good owner and I was just asking a question.

    No my dog don’t go over by himself! Someone is here with him when I am not home.

    My fiance and I just mooved in dominica and it is very hard for us to settle down properly so we are not able to be at home as much as we used to, but it is only for now, because we have to work hard and run everywhere for papers and immigration and everything.

    And if i was a bad owner I would not even mind asking a question about the well being of my dog.

    U cannot compare the US to here. Here there is no daycare lol. It is a caribean country and people dont really have this culture. Here dogs are mostly protective dogs. And when I said that the property is fenced, again here nobody can come inside the property bcause first of all people are really scared of pits, and because here everyone has many guns to protect their houses, so people dont really dare walking into a property.

    Again it is very different from the US.

    The only thing that i wanted to say is that my dog used to be everyyyyyyyyytime with me, but now i cannot spend that amount of time with him. And since we have a big garden and an other dog, i was wondering if it was good for him to be with this dog in the garden everyday, even if someone is with them. Because I also educate my dog to be very closed to us and i was quite sad to imagine that he could get more independant with time. I tought of keeping him in the house while i wasnt there, but then maybe it is not a good thing to lock him inside the house for the all agfternoon knowing that someone is there to watch them, and that he seems very happy in the garden with his little friend.

    He actually got even calmer and even more balanced since he is here.

    So again sorry for the missunderstanding, but it would be better to ask questions before.



    That is ok!   From what you say, it sounds like you have a good set up.  🙂  Once you get settled, things will work themselves out and you will figure out what it best for you and the dogs.  As long as the dogs are moitored outside so as they do not get into anything harmful, you should be ok.  There isn’t anything wrong with them being indoors as well, as long as they have things to do and not destroy your home!  🙂

    I felt that there were no questions to ask, as your post seemed pretty cut and dry with what you were saying.  It just didn’t seem right, hence my reply.  Sorry. 

    All is good, so no worries.  🙂



    I lived on a farm for a while and our dogs ran around the property all day, just doing what dogs do. They could come in if they wanted to, but mostly they liked to run and play outside. Several of them were pits. At night, they came indoors. It’s ok to let your dogs run around alone if you live in the right area (lots of space, not many people around). In that situation, you don’t have to watch your dogs like children, but if you want them to be more attached to you, do some activities with them, like go for walks together, or play fetch, or keep them indoors longer. Our farm dogs were friendly, healthy, strong, affectionate, and loving. They ate well and played all day, just like dogs should. Good luck!


    Hi yaminpix, thank you very much for your comment!

    Your message made me feel better because I can relate to you and stop stressing that much for my dog. The area where we live is very safe, and anyways someone is there to watch them, and make sure that they don’t go too far, because they love to chase opposum, and small animals (but in our island we don’t have any predator or dangerous snakes…so it is very safe for them). When she leaves she puts my dog inside my house, and as you told me, as soon as I come back home, i spent time with them. We go for long walks, we play ball, and fliper and I actually went with him last time to the river loool…which was an great experience, even if he was veryyyy scared of water. I didnt want to push him into the water so he took his time, and after like 30 mns I carried him into the water but he didnt like it and jumped right after into a big stone to avoid the water lool.

    For me the most important is that my dog is happy, and he looks just so happy here. Since we came he is always tired from playing with the other pup, and i can see that he is more balanced then when we were in canada. Even thoe I exerciced him like crazy in canada, ihe was still confined in a small apartment and the cold was not really his favorite thing!!!

    What about you? Do you still have the same dogs? You live in the city now?



    I live in the city now, but the dogs still live on the farm with my friends who live there. I have one dog here in the city, and when I go to visit the farm, he just loves to run and play with the other dogs! We also go to the dog park which he really likes. I wish he could spend more time outside like the dogs on the farm, but that’s just not possible now that I live in a city. I take him for walks often and play with him. It sounds like your dog has a great life! His picture is so cute 🙂

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