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Pitbull being aggressive

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    Hi there i am new to here but would like some advice.

    Hi there i am new to here but would like some advice.
    i have a 3/4 pitbull cross 1/4 greyhound, we have had him from 13 weeks old and have trained him, he is doing well apart from recently he has showed signs of very bad aggression with other people and dogs when walking on his lead, he barks and growls when walking out side, our other dog and him use to get on now he is turning on him when walking, we are getting him neutered on friday but want to know will this help as i am so sad to see him like this, he is such a loving dog to us but other humans and dogs he is a nightmare, please can someone give some advice? WILL NEUTEURING HIM CALM HIM DOWN?


    Neutering does not stop aggression. Your dog needs professional help, either from a qualified trainer or Behaviorist. This is NOT something to take lightly.

    Dog aggression in the APBT is NORMAL, however, HUMAN aggression is NOT and should NOT be tolerated.


    You may need a qualified trainer or behaviorist. Also check out http://www.pbrc.net. Check out multi dog homes, crate n rotate and NFL to start with.

    Have you socialized your dog? It may be fear that is attributing to this behavior. Pitties are not known to be human aggressive, I am not familiar with grey hounds. Good Luck


    Try taking him where he can run free (fenced in) and let him burn off some of that agression. Sometimes that’s all it takes. I would recommend twice a day for 20-30 minutes

    Daryl Lim

    You should take note of his neuro-psychology. Look at how he behaves according to the environment and happenings. If he reacts to a certain person, get the person away. If its the sun, keep him indoors.

    You can also force him to stay calm by locking or crating him up.


    please listen to bullypaws aggression with pits no matter how small will lead to there death please help your pit by getting the right help


    yeah, this is a really serious problem – talk to a trainer and/or behaviourist. My dog had a similar/not identical problem, where he was jumping up and biting me and tearing at my clothes when he got overexcited. He thought he was being playful, but I was covered in bruises and lost some nice sweaters to his teeth. I consulted with a trainer and a behaviourist (am still consulting, still doing obedience classes, etc) and it’s gotten much better.

    Some short-term stop-gaps that might help: on his walks, try him on a gentle leader or a halti head halter. They’re recommended for dogs who are developing aggression because they allow you to control the dog’s head – this is how I got my dog to stop jumping up and nipping/biting during walks. They’re not a solution, but they can put you back in control while you get your dog trained.

    The other thing to consider is that dogs who growl/bark/bite at everyone EXCEPT their owners/families often think that they’re in charge, and are trying to protect you/mark you as their possession. This is often why small dogs are such jerks, and are only nice to one person; no one ever trained them to know that they weren’t the head of the house. Thinking they’re in charge is bad for you and bad for the dog – you aren’t in control, and the dog feels more anxiety and worry because it’s his job to protect everyone. Here is a good article on getting back in control:


    I found it really helpful.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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