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Pit puppy and Nervous

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    Hi all!

    We just got a new pit bull puppy. 11 wks old. Very sweet puppy. But I can’t help but be extremely nervous and have anxiety. I have two children 5 and 4 and I’m really worried that they will do something to aggravate the dog when it’s a bit older and then he will try to bite them, etc. I am trying to overcome this nervousness and not think like that.

    If you ask why we got a pittbull. My boyfriend, who we practically live with, got him. I specfically asked not to get a pit bull because of the kids but he insist it will be fine.
    Someone please give me some positive stories of pits with your babies…



    I’ve heard and seen pits be very good with kids.they are very protective and if you teach them the word baby its very helpful.(kittens..toys..kids) all can be babies and your dog will respond.older bigger children the word friend has helped me tremendously


    Dogs sense nervousness and anxiety, and it makes them feel the same way.  Have you ever thought about why you are nervous around the pitbull?  Is it the media hype, the rumors and stories you have heard?  That is the first question to ask yourself.

    I have two female pitbulls, and I don’t have children.  However my friends have children, and even though my dogs have not been raised with kids, they are very protective of my friends kids.  My nephew who is now 12, has been protected by my dogs since the day he was born. 


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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