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Pit Bulls and Parolees

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    Anyone else watch this show? A friend of mine who has a pit suggested I watch it when I got Layla. I am hooked now. It really shows how sweet the breed is and how strong they are to come back from such horrors. She is also credible in that she wont adopt to just anyone, and admits that some dogs are not adoptable. She is definantly a good ambassador for the breed.


    We watch it ALL the time 🙂  Its my 7yr old daughter’s fav show!  We are planning a family trip to Disney Land and my little girl asked if we could stop by Villalobos to see all the dogs.  She wants to bring back a dog with us, and she’s alittle ticked off that we cant because we’re from Canada, and we have 2 existing pitbulls so we’re not qualified to adopt one 🙁   LOVE THIS SHOW!!


    One of my all time favorite shows !!!


    Its pretty awsome. I like pit boss as well but not as much as pit bulls and parolees


    I love this show me and my Pitbull Roxy watch it together all the time. I’m just wondering when the new season starts.


    i love this show sooooooo much!!! tia’s like, my hero! i’ve always wanted to start a rescue of my own and this show is really just uplifting and brings me faith i could do it, too ya know? so sad about AJ 🙁 & when do the new episodes start? i’ve been wondering that, too


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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