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Pit bull / German Shepherd Mix

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    Hello, I have an 8month old mix that is an absolute sweet heart. I haven’t been able to find to much online about this particular mix of breeds and I”m curious if anyone else has a shepherd/pit bull and what your dog is like? Thanks in advance!


    Hi! I adopted a Pitbull/German Shepherd mix from a local shelter. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Unfortunately, she was abused by a man in the past, so she is scared of men. She is getting better with it now though. Other than her being timid around men, she is the biggest sweetheart. She loves to cuddle, she’s good with my nieces and nephews, she is VERY smart and she loves other dogs and my cat. What more could you ask for? What is your dog like?


    It sounds like our dogs are alike! 🙂 lol, mine was also abused when young and almost died from starvation when she was brought to the shelter here.She does not do well with negative corrections or discipline, but learns very fast with positive training and treats. The first couple days we had her she got into some shoes and “bad girl” slipped out of my mouth, just the words alone made her cower up and hide for a bit, poor girl. She is so good with my two kids, I have a 4 and 5 yr old and shes following them around wanting to play and hasn’t nipped or gotten rough with them at all since we’ve had her. She has picked up on things pretty quickly around the house like staying out of the kids room etc. Walking is still abit of a challenge, she can also be very stubborn! lol. She is good with my two cats, though my cats are quiet the same back. hehe She’s been great with other dogs as well. The only “issue” we’ve had with her is that she will dig in the yard if she gets bored, and her digging still amazes me, she can dig a hole that her body can fit in with in minutes. She’s got webbed toes and boy can they throw dirt around! Other then that she’s such an amazing dog! Thanks for the info on your dog! 🙂


    My very first service dog came from the humain society and was a german shepherd/pit bull mix. i worked at the hs and heard that he was found in a cage ment for a medium sized dog. he was literally not able to stand or turn around. he had burns on his paws from standing in his own fecies and urin. they evaluated him and found him to be human agressive,dog agressive,food agressive and agressive to anything else he could possibly be agressive to. well he was imediatly sentenced to death. I could not let that happen. I have worked with pit bulls for many years and wanted to try and change his luck. he had been abused for the first two years of his life i wanted to give him a second chance. I took him home and put a muzzle on him for my saftey and my other pit bulls saftey. I started working with him teaching him that people are ok and that dogs are ok. that its ok for someone to touch him while he is eating or even put their hands in his bowl while he is eating. I got him a vest that says service dog in training and started taking him everywhere with me to help socilize him. it took about 3 years but i was able to get him to trust everyone and everything. i taught him everything a dog needs to know to be a service dog. when i ws done training him he knew 231 commands and hand signals. he passed his canine good scitizen test and therapy dog test. he also passed his public access test which is required to be certified as a service dog. I had him officially certified as a service dog in october of 07. he worked with me as my partner for 2 years untill his trained responce to my condition cost him his life. He was trained to go get help if i had a panic attack and blacked out. well i was exiting my local mall when i froze up at the sight of a man that reminded me of the man who traumitized me when i was 10. he immediatly went into action looking for help. he did not see through the tinted windows of the mall doors so he looked into the parking lot. he spotted someone and started to run to them. out of no where a 16 year old new driver struck him. he was killed instantly.


    I have a pit bull german shepherd mix as well! He is 5 1/2 months old now and I watched him as he was born, so I have known him all his life. My friend rescued his mom from a drug dealer/dog fighter. My dog’s name is Riley and one of his ears sticks up and the other one is down. He is dark brown with a white blaze on his chest. He is so smart, He has some very few flaws, but every time I leave he destroys something or gets into the garbage. That’s a puppy for you! He’s a great dog and is so loving and wonderful. Do either of you have pictures of your dogs? is it possible to post the pictures here? I would love to see and compare! Also, how big are your dogs?


    I just a german shepard/pit mix(Josie) in january and she is the smartest and best dog I have ever had. I couldn’t ask for a better companion. 


    I have a new Pitbull puppy still trying to figure out what breeds he’s mixed with. Anyone mind giving it a try? Visit my profile & leave your opinion there. 🙂 Thanks.


    thats sooo weird my dog jojo is the same way he was abused by his last owner and he iz great with my neice n nephue he just needed a little love



    My girlfriend and I have been nursing a pit/shepherd puppy back to health and in the short time that we have had her she has been great.  A friend of ours saved Bella at 4 weeks and we’ve had her for 3 weeks now.  Her mother died and the owner of the puppies didnt want them (3 had already died becasue of poor nutrition) we’ve taken her to the vet and regularly feed her almost every 2-3 hours with puppy formula and soggy puppy food and she is such a SMART puppy.  At 7 weeks she knows her name, knows to paw at the sliding door when she needs to go, and can sit on command.  She is a little lover and I assume has replaced us with her mom becasue she will only go to sleep if she’s being cuddled haha.  Bella is very energetic for a puppy and never really wines (only if she wakes up in her kennel and cant hear anyones voice).  She is great being passed around by people and has taken to our older dogs as if shes one of the pack.  She will be a GREAT dog when shes older!!!! 

    Yoshi Sr.

    I am going through a court battle right now where people in the neighborhood have told my landlord that my german shepard/pitbull mix is chasing and biting people around the neighborhood! I have been following all the laws and i have had my dog on a leash at all times and he has never once tried to hurt anyone! I live here in WV and many people do not like pittbulls, because they have said that the only two people that own pitts are people that are cowards or drug dealers! Well i am proud to say that i am neither, but those words came from the judge that is trying our case! I just wished that i could prove that to him that not all pitts or german shepherd are not bad! He just seems like he has a one track mind! His neice has gotten bitten by a pitt and now he thinks that all pitts are bad! Does anyone have websites or any other info that they can think of to try to change his mind?


    I have a beautiful German Shepherd Pit Bull Mix that just turned 10 months old on october 1st..i have never owned a dog like her before i have always wanted a pit or german shepherd but never thought i would own one..i am very happy with my puppy..she is great other than she has some problems..

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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