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    hi im in the navy here in virginia head quaters for peta im originally from texas and never have i heard of discrimination of a certain breed till i came here…. peta advicates are the biggest hyprocrites everrrr i read on their website they want to neuter alllll pits and get rid of unwelcomed ones so pretty much they want to be hitler and have the whole pit breed erased is it me but i thought peta helped endangered species not partook in it. to me it like a preacher telling an athiest they arent welcomed in the church!!! this is too crazy. my precious pit get discriminated for no reason here it makes me soooo mad can we neuter peta? just on ignorance alon?


    PETA is fairly well known for their ignorance and hypocritical thinking. ie. Their founder takes insulin – a product tested on animals. They have an extremely high kill rate at their ‘last resort’ shelters and have been known to dispose of the animals illegally (ie. throwing them in random dumpsters).

    When I was younger I supported them, however, after digging deeper into it, I can no longer do so. It’s always important to get all the facts on all sides before choosing whether or not to support any organization – especially when they’re considered ‘extremists’.


    PETA = People Eating Tasty Animals


    peta campaigns to have all animals spayed and neutered?

    Loki Monster

    Pam Anderson was named spokes-woman of the year which makes me laugh bc she made her 2 dogs get married to each other…wth??
    PETA is a joke!

    go ask alice

    There was a big petition going for PETA to offically classify them as a slaughter house.

    Did you know in one year then destroyed over 2000 ‘rescued’ cats and dogs and only adopted out less then 100.

    PETA also believes that having a pet is inhumane so getting rid of all pets would be the best answer. PETA a just a huge joke, a bunch of crazies trying to get people to join them without even telling them what there really about.

    Just a little information to tell your friends.


    PETA is not what they used to be. Question is, were they always this way and we just didn’t know about it? I also supported them when I was younger, but I won’t have anything to do with them anymore. Well, PETA & the Humane Society for the United States. Talk about scandal there, but I won’t get into that. This is a PETA thread and not a HSUS thread.

    I will admit that PETA has done some good things like exposing the inhumane care that farm animals go through, and not to mention what lab animals go through. But, to release lab animals (that have lived in a germ-free environment)out into the outside world NEAR A FREEWAY only to be hit and killed, or die from infections from being outside of their lab environment. Yes, this actually happened several years ago. That is when I pulled my support.

    PETA sucks.


    A PETA member actually told me I should “do the right thing” and release my grandmothers 7 year old Pomeranian into the wild “where she belongs.” PETA is not for me:)

    go ask alice

    Pfffft, hahaha sorry i had to comment.

    That makes me laugh, dogs are a domisticated animal, its not like were running in the forest collecting dogs and bringing them home to torture them. They have been living with humans for thousands of years, and happily doing it aswell.

    Thank you for sharing that, it made me smile haha.



    ‘Nuff said!

    Let one of those PETA pukes try to take my girl! Forget the dog, they’ll have ME to contend with!


    I would be interested in hearing your view on HSUS

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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