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people scaring me

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    i just took in this aprox. 5 month old pitbull puppy that was not being taken care of because the owner truely didnt want it, he is the sweetest dog i’ve ever met all he wants to do is cuddle and lick everyone. ive taken him to stores and farms and strange situations and hes taken it all in stride with no signs of aggression. i ride horses and i thought it would be a good idea to take him to the barn with me so he could play with the other dogs and get out his energy. but now people keep saying when he gets older he is probably going to be viscious and attack the other animals and im starting to rethink my decision. he has never shown aggression towards anything only playfulness, do you think even if he is raised well and socialized with other animals all the time he will still end up agressive towards other animals/dogs ? i am also definitely having him castrated. please help i dont want to have to send him back to his old owner !


    As long as you socialize him with different situations and with other dogs, he’ll probably be just fine.

    Neutering him is a good idea.


    Hi, I was worried about the same thing. I didn’t know at first I had adopted a pitbull, her adoption papers said ‘boxer/mix’. After I took home and to the vet I was informed that she may be part boxer but she was definitely part pit too. People (not the vet, he LOVES pits) told me that she might be sweet at first but she was going to turn and become vicious around her first birthday. They were all wrong. When she was 2 1/2 we brought home a pure-bred boxer puppy and she loved him then and loves him now – 5 years later.

    I agree with Matt, so long as you continue to socialize the puppy with other animals, dogs and strange situations, you should be fine. Remember pits are a very sensitive breed so when choosing your trainer (a responsible first time pit owner should enroll in training class) be sure to find someone with bully breed (pitbulls, bull dogs, am staffs, mastiffs) experience and expertise – training a pitbull is not like training a golden retriever. They are special and require positive reinforcements techniques not harsh corrections. There is a certain celebrity dog specialist who rehabilitates dogs whose books I highly recommend for the most effective methods of pit training.

    Good luck with your new best friend! Pits are incredibly special dogs, they make us laugh, they are loyal, incredibly intelligent and very nurturing. Be good to him and he will repay the favor tenfold!


    thank you so much for your help !


    dog whisperer (ceasr milan) is his show, love it myself.would love to have someone like him living here in boston mass, it would do our bullies justice. so people can really see that when an animal is properly trained and taken care of and not abused they will love you for life. 🙂 lol 4 pits/the nanny dog.


    I agree 100% to the nth degree on the training. My family, once we had said we got a pit bull, they immediately resorted to “ah, what????” and “NEVER HAVE KIDS DURING HIS LIFE.” I thought to myself “who are you to tell me how to live my life? I’m an adult, responsible, and can bring this dog up to appreciate life to its fullest.”

    That being said–socialization, training, and more socialization. We’re working with our pit right now on loose leash walking and calming down just a bit when he meets new people and dogs. But when we do walk, it’s difficult to socialize when others see you and turn the other way or get on the opposite side of the street. If you can form a connection of friends around you (say, since the vet LOVES pits, try to find others who do–takes time, I know), that just helps spread the word. 🙂

    And love ’em, love ’em, love ’em! I think that should be number one, along then with socialization and training. Hope to hear how you’re doing with your pittie in the coming months. 🙂


    We got our pit a few weeks ago. At first I was really scared but now after watching her this past week, I have never felt safer. My hubby is air force and I love that she is here when he is not. We have two children ages six and almost two, she is amazing with them. She loves to snuggle. I just wish people were not so mean, hateful, and unsuppotive of our decision to get her. She likes to jump on my kids trampoline for goodness sake. How do I encourage friend and family to give her the chance she needs? I socialize her, work with her on manners but to other people that doesn’t matter. Help me


    PIT BULL TRAINING!!!! Be aware of trainers who “force” commands or “make” your dog listen. These people are idiots! Pit bulls are sensitive and despite their appearance and reputation, they require patience and encouragement to become well rounded mentally. Only employ a trainer who uses positive reinforcement technique and never let them train your dog without you there. Plus they should teach You how to train your dog, as it builds the bond between you and establishes you as a pack leader.


    Thanks for the advice and poor pit bulls are no longer allowed on military installations. So hopefully y’all can get off base housing. Good luck with that.

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