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our pit who is 9 months old keeps chewing on our funiture

Welcome to Pitbulls.org Forums Pit Bull Talk Training our pit who is 9 months old keeps chewing on our funiture

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    we have a 9 mo

    We have a 9 month old female pit bull. Her name is Pearl and she is a very nice dog over all. She is actually our 24 year old sons dog but they have both lived with us since he got her. We own a little black 2 year old pug dog named bella and 3 cats. Everyone gets along great. Our problem comes in when my son leaves for any length of time. We always take the dogs out about every hour or so when we are home. We are smokers and at least once or twice a night we will step out for a smoke without the dogs. If our son is home there are no issues. If however he is gone…..pearl with destroy something every time. This is not for any length of time that we are leaving her alone. It is usually under 10 minutes. Pillows magazines hats couches carpets and anything else she might get her teeth on including tv remotes. My couch now has rip holes on the arms and the foot rests. I have always owned dogs and this is my second pit. We love pearl but this whole thing is getting really old. Any suggestions?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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