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new wanted to share my pit bulls story for intro

Welcome to Pitbulls.org Forums Human Talk Introductions new wanted to share my pit bulls story for intro

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    Hi so my husband owns this bit pull named scraps. He is white with brown spots, when my husband got him we weren’t together at the time. He found hime in front of his house eating some grabage hint the scarps. He was just a puppy not sure of the age. My husband already had a dog a named molly and a chihuahua. So Scraps is nice to other dogs as long as they stay out of his territory understandable to me. A year before me and my husband got together Scraps was stolen from him found a week later by the anmimal control badly abused the kids ( we know these kids) that had taken him had chop off his ears with a dull pocket knife therefore tramatising Scraps my husband was giving his dog back. But Scraps at this time was terrified of a leash and collar and anyone who came up to him. He was so scared he would role over and urinate all over himself my husband at the time didn’t know what to do so he aloud this to contunie when I met scrap I knew I could help him. I was nervous toward the dog to start with but I began to work wiht him and now a year later he will greet you with a bark a wagging tail and sit up straight we can enter the gate put his collar on and walk out with a leash attached Scraps walking very proudly. We are still working on him greeting others but he is getting better. I am very proud of Scraps anyone who sees his progress is very happy for him also he is loved by many and is very well know in our small town for what has happend to him and his progress.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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