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New rescue problems

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    We adopted a 2 year old female pit who was an owner surrender. She had been spayed just a few days prior. She was somewhat leash trained and reported to be housebroken. She knew sit and shake and was the unicorn of the shelter as she was okay with cats. She was a breeze the first few days. We developed a feeding and walk schedule. She is only crated for 8 hours while we are at work and was sleeping in a dog bed in our room at night. However it seemed once she got confident walks became intense pulling at all times. Then she started peeing on her dog bed in our room at night even with daily cleaning of bed. Now she will poop and pee in crate 10 minutes after we’ve extensively walked her and ran around the corner. She has no problems lying in her own pee. She has no uti and shelter gave us antibiotics that should of cleared anyway. The constant poop and pee is taxing and we don’t know what to do. (Also we’ve cleaned the bedding after every incident with enzyme cleaner and the crate is appropriately sized.)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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