New Pitbull that wont eat and throws up when she drinks; Help please.

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    Hello I just join this forum after getting our pit bull Genna from the pound. She is an incredibly happy dog. We don’t know how old she is or any of her history; she was a stray. I can’t get her to eat anything. When she drinks she ends up throwing it all up, on walks she will eat a bit of grass and then throw it up. I know she is new to our house and nervous, but i worry about her not eating. To see if she just didn’t like the dog food we bought, we put just a wee bit of bacon grease on her food and she still won’t eat it. Who doesn’t eat bacon? Do ya’ll have any suggestions or advice that might help her?

    Thank ya’ll so much.



    She may have ate something that is blocking her intestines if she is throwing up everything and not eating for a couple of days. Watch for med – dark yellow – brown vomit. Dogs have a very reactive gag reflex. if she isn’t eating after a couple days i would take her to a vet and ask about possible intestinal problem if you think she may have ate anything.


    Have her checked for parval, my 4 year old female had it when we had bought her.

    And if its not that, try diffrent foods pitbulls are highly picky dogs. or the eating of

    grass is due from an upset tummy…

                 Wishing you all the luck!


    Do you know how old she is?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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