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new owner needs advise

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    My family just rescued a wonderful and loving 9 month old pit bull.  She was in the shelter for 2 months!  I have owned a bull terrier before but never a pittie.  I want to be an advocate for these misunderstood pups and was wondering how others handle the misinformed comments without sounding defensive.


    I have tried to learn as many accurate facts as I can. When the situation warrents it I simply state the facts intermixed with personal stories about my dog. Cooper has been a wonderful ambassador and has actually helped change some minds about the breed.


    Know the facts and state the facts. Do not let anyone get you into a heated arguement, which I occassionally fail at because I love my pit. And never take it personal. Best of luck as we all advocated for our breed of misunderstoods.



    I educate them about the breed and if they choose not to listen then you can npt help ignorance. Just do your best to set an example with your pit bull. Its awesome when you have a good pit bull to walk down the streets and prove people wrong. keep your head held high, its an on going fight for the breed and us owners have to be right there fighting with them. 

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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