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New Owner Of A 1/2 lab 1/2 pit. Would love some advice.

Welcome to Pitbulls.org Forums Pit Bull Talk General Discussion New Owner Of A 1/2 lab 1/2 pit. Would love some advice.

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    Hello everyone! My boyfriend and I got our dog Patriot (half lab half pit) from an old friend of mine 3 days ago. He has had a 1/2 pit in the past and was dying for one since we just moved. He is adorable and sweet and loving. He will be a year old on January 25th. I am new to owning a puppy and also a half pit. Just any sort of advice would be awesome. We have a couple issues. JUMPING, chewing, not the best listener, very entergetic :)(thats not so much an issue) and one weird thing….his previous owner said he never barks and we havent heard him bark yet. I would like for him to do so if someone knocks or there is a situation where I need his protection. I am home alone sometime and would like for him to alert me at any sign of danger. Any suggestions? Thanks!


    I would enroll him in some basic obedience classes. If you shop around you can probably find decent priced ones in your area. most pits arent good gaurd dogs. They dont protect property well but They are protective over their people.(my fiance and i cant even play fight without kudo getting in the middle lol) So im pretty sure if someone tried to hurt you, or anyone in his “pack” he’d protect you. Pits tend to protect people not property. contrary to popular beleif.


    ooo…i just got my lab/pit mix and we start basic obedience in January. his brother is going too. its the best thing for the both of them. the one we are going to is really not that expensive. i looked around a while before choosing them too. BOTH my dogs are very high energy, as most pits are. basic obedience will give them a boundary that you can control. the new dog we got, Bruce, is a nipper…he likes his toys, but he like to play rough too. he jumps a lot and gets overly excited. sucks sometimes because we want to play but not with him trying to tackle us. we end up pushing him off us and walking away.what we have been trying to teach him is that the tug toys are for the rough stuff. and when he tries to jump, we take the toy away and walk away from him. its easier said then done, but we try different things. with us putting him in classes, we are going to try to focus his enthusiasm on something different. i would love to put him in agility events. he IS a good person-protector too. lol.


    I would highly reccommend obedience clasees. My dog Buddy is 1/2 pit and 1/2 lab I believe and he is not very friendly to strangers. He was quarantined for 10 days because he nipped a lady. I do not know why he did it but I believe it was because my boyfriend would always tell Buddy to “get” the person who came to the house. I am not saying your gonna say that to your dog lol but just a warning of what a dog could turn into without proper training.

    Good Luck

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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