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New Neighborhood New Dog Aggression From 8 Year Old

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    Hi, would appreciate any assistance. We moved about 2 months ago to a new neighborhood, new dogs etc. She is ok with people (except kids who jump in her face as she wants to jump back but she likes them), but , with dogs , who’s owners allow them off leash, and even the ones on leash, Gracie barks at. Sometimes she just cries but with certian dogs she barks like crazy. I make her sit and stay but she gets pretty atamate about turning back and barking trying to get near the dog. I do not know how she will react if I allow her to do so, so I do not. I now have her on a choke chain which I hate but I am small and she is stronger than I am. 

    Need any assistance on how to get her to realize she is not the only dog around here and she cannot act that way. She behaves in all other ways. Oh, and is there a different reason for the 2 different responses, whining like a baby and the barking? The gender of the dogs don’t matter.


    Thanks ahead of time


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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