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New Mom

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    Hello! I am the proud new owner of a 11week female. Her story was touching. She was found in a dumpster wrapped in a trash bag left to die. A woman pulled the tiny thing out. She way skin and bones. The kind lady nursed her to health and found another person to take her. I was reading Craigs List and stubbled onto an ad saying please help. I thought “great some one else wanting 100’s of dollars to find a new home for a dog”. I called any ways. What a sweet young lady on the end of the line. She lived in a small apartment and could not keep the puppy. I drove 2 hours to take a look at this lil lady and wouldn’t you know it i was instantly in LOVE. I brought her home. My much older rot is like a big brother. They curl up for naps, take walks with each other. This is my first pit puppy. I am very excited to have her in my life.


    Thats awesome! Puppies are great. Welcome to the site! I’m pretty new too but this site, especially the forums, have been fun and helpful.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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