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New here!!

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    Hi all! My name is Hope and my husband (Rico) and I adopted our baby boy, Saigo (pronounced *sigh *go) when he was about 6 weeks old. He will be one year old 8/27 (this Saturday!!). He is the most loving boy and we are so happy to have him in our lives. I am very excited to see this website. I have already found amazing training techniques here that I am excited to try! Hopefully I will be able to post more pictures of our little boy soon. 

    Also in our mix is a 14 year old female pitbull mix (you better believe that she is alfa) named Indica and a 13 year old male Akita/German Shepherd mix (who is the sweetest pushover). Though they do not like playing with Saigo, they have thought him to be calm and submissive. They are probably the best trainers out there. =)


    Just wanted to say Hi and introduce my family!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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