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new guy

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    hi all! i just got a female pit about a week ago, i plan to raise her up to be there for my wife and son whenever i have to deploy or just have to be away for a while. we got her almost a week ago when we picked her up she was starved and dirty i found an ad online that said they had to get rid of her or she was goin to the pound. i bought her but it feels more like a rescue we could see all of her ribs and backbone the poeple we got her from said she was 8 weeks but she looks more like six,  they said they bought her 4 weeks prior so she was taken from her mother way too early. she is a cudler and smart. after just a week she is almost house broke just a few accidents wen im not paying attention, knows the meaning of no and stop, walks great on the leash and started to learn to fetch today. ive been working on teaching her to sit but she gets so happy when she sees the treat its hard to control her. i am open to any and all suggestions, i am happy to own such a beautiful dog and eager to learn more and more about the breed

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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