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new and fron united kindom

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    hi, my son had wanted a dog for ages i kept saying no due to having two cats…then it happened a neighbour found an abandoned staffie and was going to keep it in his bin store until the dog warden came in the morning,me being me said you cant do that brought her upstairs and she has been here since all four months…..we had to wait a month whilst looking after just in case some one wanted to reclaim her[boy how long could a month be]…….shes about two years old not house trained [doesnt even ask] hates other dogs [right ear no hair on it when we got ,now regrown]-due to obversations in her surrounding i came to the conclusion she has had a drunk for  previous owner cowers when she hears a noise that resembles a slap.

    the best thing is she bounds all over you attacks you with her tongue continuosly, grumbles and groans like and old man steals my hot water bottle bottle every time i stand from my chair,plays with the cats,great company, washes my plates, empties my bin, eats my bin, chews my paper work folder up  and i dont care if she has a growl or two at other dogs as she is slowly lerning that they all won’t attck her like some previous ankle biter did, and the very best bit my son gets to have his ears cleaned every day without me asking!!!!

    And yes i have a great little hand held carpet cleaner for those puddles and parcels she leaves for me.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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