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    Hey I’m Sam. I currently don’t own a pit bull right now but it has been something I have wanted to do for years. I’m currently pregnant and due to give birth in three months and so of course I want a child friendly dog. Not to say I have any concerns about pit bulls because of their bad rap, just to throw that out there. But more so just a basic concern for my daughter. My boyfriend has a pit bull that lives with his mother and she is just one of the sweetest animals I have ever met. Everytime I walk in the door I’m just smothered with kisses and I love it. But obviously children do a lot of running around and cause a lot of general excitement in households so I just want to make sure this isn’t something that would be a problem. Obviously I wouldn’t leave them unnattended but we all know things can happen that are beyond our control with any animal cat or dog. So I guess I’m just wondering if anyone here has pit bulls that they introduced later into the family and any advice for me.


    Something to consider about pit bulls is their pain tolerance. They have a very high pain tolerance, which means that children tugging and pulling and playing rough wont bother a pit bull. Another dog might get a pinch and snap at a child in defense, but not a pit bull 🙂 that, coupled with their patience and wonderful temperament makes the pit bull a great choice for a family dog. I would say that the most important thing to consider when getting a dog is to get one your totally comfortable with. If your not comfortable with pit bulls, you don’t have to get one. It’s better to get a dog your totally at ease with, especially considering the new baby, and that your going to have alot on your hands as it is when she comes. I can tell you this from experience, I never had a problem with pit bulls before I got Riley, but after everything you hear about them I was a bit nervous around them at times. When I got Riley, he was a puppy and there was no way not to love him. I grew with him and any fears I had went out the door. He was also alot of work. ALOT of work. Potty training, obedience, taking him outside, making sure I wasn’t gone anywhere too long, It was hard, especially because I am a student and have other work to do. Riley is 7 mos. now and what a great dog he is! I love him, he’s smart as a whip and loving and a GREAT dog all around. He loves kids and small animals. I just think (for me)it might be really hard to have a puppy and a new baby at the same time, any puppy, but especially a high energy dog like a pit bull. I think a pit bull would be a good addition to your family, but for me, I couldn’t take care of any kind of puppy and a newborn baby at the same time. I might wait till the baby was a little older, but thats just me. Hope this helps, and whatever you decide to do, whatever kind of dog you get, I wish you the best of luck! Congrats on the baby!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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