my pitbull killed a deer

Submitted by deuce on Tue, 09/28/2010 - 08:16

Yesterday my pitbull killed a small deer. we recently moved to the country so he is out of his normal element of living. i know it is natural for animals to kill other animals but should i be concerned?? he is so gentle with my husband and i and he is great around kids...this was just a surprise to me that he could do this.

I live in the country as well and my boy will periodically run after them if I let him out at night. Because of his training I have always been able to call him off before making contact but I always wondered. If you adhere to the basic rules of pit bull ownership I'm sure everything will be ok, seems like a natural thing to do for him but I definitely understand your concern. Hopefully someone else on the forum will be more insightful.

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