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my Pit is not eating! :(

Welcome to Pitbulls.org Forums Pit Bull Talk General Discussion my Pit is not eating! :(

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    I have a male pit thats about a year and few months and we started noticeing a few weeks ago that he just dosent eat as much! I dont know what it could be…and I also have a female pit puppy about 5 months and she seems to love feeding time, I cant remember if him not eating as well started when she came into the picture…i dont know what to do! ive tried a lot of different foods and and it works for about a few days but then he goes back to not eating…is he a pickey eater?..i dont know? he wasnt always like this.. any advice would be great!


    That is a hard one. Did you adopt him from a shelter or rescue area? Did he come from a breeder? My husband and I started feeding our dog food that the shelter normally feeds him (as well as giving lots of nutritional treats for training times)–Purina One (Adult). Many of the ingredients listed (at least top 5) were decent–a meat was number one, need something with fat, grains/rice, etc… He had no problems with these, but when he got sick after getting into something that didn’t sit well with him, we got a few cans of moist food to help regulate his tummy. Natural Balance is a great food that uses all natural ingredients–our dog trainer recommended it. After our first bag of Purina One, we decided it might be nice to try something else, to see if food was the reason he has kept biting at his tail, chewing on a few spots on his legs (he seems to have dry skin in these areas). We are now transitioning him to Eukanuba, and that has always had a decent reputation–have never heard anything bad.

    Has your dog ever been tested for allergies? I know if a dog has certain allergies to ingredients–chicken, rice, fish, etc.–that could be a cause of why he’s not eating? I have no idea how animals are tested for allergies, but it could be something to look into.

    Other than that, maybe doing a mix of moist and dry. Some dogs will only eat like that; some only kibble, some only organic stuff–guess they can be just like humans who are picky eaters. 😛


    thanks for the advice! and ill look into testing him for food allergies. we actually got him from a friend, and im not too sure what food he was eating. We tried mixing his dry food with can food but that makes his stool runny…we give him raw chicken legs and he loves those, and i just started mixing his food with raw meat that has been frozen first then thawed out of course and he’s been eating it so im going to try this out for a while and see if he puts on a few pounds..


    my adult dogs give up food for the little one, that could be one reason. Also and this is not good, my other lab started the same thing. tried everything. kept goint to the vet. found out after lots of money and paint for both the dog and the family, she had cancer of the liver. See if ur pup is trying to get the food or if there is something else going on. good luck


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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