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My pit and roommates pit randomly fight

Welcome to Pitbulls.org Forums Pit Bull Talk Training My pit and roommates pit randomly fight

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    i have a 3 year old female pit who ive had since she was 2 months old, lived with other dogs her whole life, all kinds of breeds. i used to foster dogs and my roommates have always had dogs so shes always been really good with other dogs. i recently moved into a house with a puppy male pit, hes such a lover and very active. and they got along GREAT in the beginning. normaly my dog just tolerates puppys, but with this one they would play and cuddle. but looking back i realized he never was really submissive with her. back in spet out of NO WHERE they go into a bad fight while my roomate was home. she separated them. and they have been pretty good since then, up until last week. the second fight was literally out of no where, i was right next to them. then a few nights ago, the male (about 8-9months) was in his owners room and was just starring at my dog in the next room, started growling and then just charged and went after her. then tonight same thing happened in the kitchen, but thankfully i grabbed them before they could do anymore damage. my dog is TERRIFIED of my roommate now, mainly when her dog is around. she shakes really bad. my roommate and i pretty much keep them separate if the other isnt home. any one know of a good trainer that could help??? the puppy is GREAT with other dogs and is even submissive with other dogs, but there is something about mine and the puppy together that makes one or both of them snap and we dont know what to do :-/ HELP!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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