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my lil girl

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    hello everyone i was just wondering to get some answers i have a red nose pit that i grew from a pup now im trying to raise a 6week old blue nose i wanted to know if the rocking of there head is normal and i would also like to know if her paws are gonna get bigger becauserite now they seem alot smaller than when i have had my red nose


    Hi NiLLa!

    Before I see if I can help out, one thing to keep in mind is that a red nose and a blue nose is just that…the color of the nose. It has nothing to do with a special breed or that it is rare. Bad breeders use the “rare blue nose” or “rare red nose” as a selling feature, when in reality it is just a pigment thing. They are no different than a brindle pit, a white pit, a black pit, or a tan pit. It is just a color of the nose and fur. So, the color has nothing to do with the way a dog behaves.

    I just wanted to clear that up, as it seems like you are saying that the color has something to do with the behavior. They just have different colored hair like humans do.

    Please explain in a little more detail what you mean by “rocking of the head”. Is it side to side? Is it up and down like she is saying yes or no?

    As for the paws, yes they will get bigger. Everything grows. At 6 weeks old, the dog is barely ready to leave its mother. Between 4-6 weeks, that is when the puppy is learning to leave the litter group on its own. Most puppies should not go to new homes until they are at least 8 weeks old, as they are still developing prior to that. What you may be experiencing is a puppy who isn’t fully developed yet.

    I see young puppies come into my clinic all the time that just weren’t ready to leave mom yet. Some tend to just have ear issues, and others are not neurologically sound. Some just do not have strong neck muscles yet. Have you take them to the vet for the vaccinations and to have them checked out? That would be of utmost importance if you haven’t yet.

    go ask alice

    I agree with Kayla’s Mom.

    It sounds like the ‘rocking of the head’ is because your puppy is still so young, it doesnt have the proper neck muscles. This is why you should always wait atleast until 8 weeks of age to take the pup from its mom. This is a very important growing stage in her puppy hood and could really benifit from its mom and litter mates at this time. But since its a bit to late for that, i would just make sure that she gets the proper nutrition and vaccinations that will help your pup live a long and happy life.

    As for the feet, i wouldnt worry about it. No two dogs are the same, this pup might just turn out to be smaller then your first pit and thats why the feet are smaller, or maybe its just because shes only 6 weeks old. I hope you enjoy your new pitbull pup as much as i am!


    thank you two very much i do appreciate the time u are taking to fill me in let me explain a little better nilla is a white pit with striped spots(kinda blue or grey)i was informed of a friend who had theses babies and all were gonne but two nilla and her sister the mother was out of the equation all together nilla rocks her head side to side she also tends to scratch at her ear which leaves me to belive its an ear infection she is really fat due to worms but she had just got the worm shot monday and i had to wait to bring her to a vet becasue of there schedual i hope that she will be alright after i get her the vacc and proper shots she is so pretty and will have pics up when i figure out how to do that but really thank you for ur time and any knowledge of what will be greatfully appreciated thank you


    Ah, if Nilla is scratching her ear a lot and tilting her head from side to side, then is does sound like she may have an inner ear infection or ear mites. Take her to the vet and have them look at her ears, and maybe to a ear swab and look at it under the microscope. You want to get that nipped in the bud as soon as possible to avoid any type of inner ear damage or loss of hearing.

    Can’t wait to see some pics! Glad to help.

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