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My lab/pitt mix puppy

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    I need a little advice on training my lab/pitt mix. I did quite a bit of research before getting our puppy from the shelter. She’s a sweet puppy, and of course she likes to chew on everything. My problem is the biting issue. I’ve tried firmly telling her no and sometimes that works. Some have told me to hold her snout, look her in the eyes and tell her no(to affirm the alpha position)-this did not go over well, especially when she gets super excited. The biting becomes a big issue when we’re outside. I’ve given her toys to play with, but she insists on nipping at my shoes or pants. The last issue happened today when we were outside. She’s not a big fan of the leash to begin with, so when I told her NO(to not chew on the leash) she freaked out, pulling and trying to get away. When I tried to walk to her she continued to back up and she had a fit when I tried to pick her up. It was only after a second that she calmed down and let me pick her up. She’s never randomly turned on me or my kids. I know the Pitt gets a bad rap and I don’t believe she’s a bad dog because of her breed. 

    Sorry, I know that got a little off topic. Back on topic, any tips for teaching leash training and no biting would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. 🙂 Oh and I guess I should mention that she’s just a little over 2 months old.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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