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My Bella

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    Bella, a blue nose Pit Bull found me exactly 7 months ago. She was living in horrible conditions with her litter mates. I took her home.  I have 2 toy poodles, never having a large dog, I was worried. 

    I hired a trainer, mostly for me, to be sure I could meet her needs. 

    I am appalled at what people say about the breed. She is sweet, gentle, and the happiest dog I have ever met. 

    She plays well with all dogs, she loves people. At 9 months old she will sit, stay, lie down, come, without a word from me, just hand signals.

    I will say, if you do not have time to provide vigorous excercise, this breed is NOT for you. But if you do, you will be a very happy Pit Bull mommy or daddy.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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