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My Baby needs a Home

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    Turbo is 5 months, we got him when things were looking really good for us to have our lil boy but now Daddy has to work crazy hours & mommy also has a regular job. He has to be confined too much to really be trained properly for housebreaking, also he doesnt get enough play time before it gets too dark, luckily we live in a town house with 3 levels where he can run up & down a lot at will with us playing with him indoors but that isnt good enough. He is acting out because of this, nipping, having accidents & not letting us know when he has to go out, like he was learning. He is a sweet lil boy & we are deeply pained to have to let him go but its for his own happiness, which is most important right now. Also because of this situation, he is becoming a bit aggressive towards my old girl, Lena part pit herself but she just wants to sleep eat & have her little walks, but when he gets a bit rowdy she nips at him and has cut his cute face now, not a good thing! Please advise or refer to someone or place where we can get him a happy home!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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