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mooving to a country where pits are not allowed!

Welcome to Pitbulls.org Forums Pit Bull Talk General Discussion mooving to a country where pits are not allowed!

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    Hi guys,

    I currently live in dominica with my 2 year old pit. Unfortunatly I have to go work in Guadeloupe (which is a french island) for a year. As you guys may know, France and all its island have a specific law about pits and AMSTAFF ( no entry watsoever on their territory). Those dogs and specially pits are not authorized since 1999 and therefore f you enter with one illegally, they have the right to either send him back where it comes from or put him down immediatly. France is the worst country for those breed.

    I did allll my best for months now, but they would not let me come with him. I even tought of bringing him illegally but its too much risk. So I decided to leave him here with our neighbor for a year, she loves him very much. I will visit him as much as I can (its only an hour by boat).

    I am just so sad, a year is a lot, and I dont know how he will copy with that. My dog is so well behaved and loving. I dont want him to change.

    Can you guys advise me.




    So sorry to learn of this situation.  I can only imagine how you must feel.  However, I think you should count your lucky stars that you have such a wonderful neighbor to take care of your dog and a job waiting for you in this horrible economy.  I used to have a boss who lived in another town.  He lived in our area during the week for work – then went home and lived there on the weekends.  He said it was funny – that the dogs were just as excited to see him after a week, as they were to see him after a quick trip to the store.  I don’t think dogs have the capability of rationalizing how much time has gone by.  It sounds like you may even be able to see your dog every weekend, with the hour boat ride.  I know it will be difficult to be without your doggie every day ~ but, I do think you will adjust ~ and keep in mind that the dog is with someone you know – and not with strangers.  Sending positive thoughts your way . . .


    Hey you!

    Thanks for the reply, it felt better. As you are saying it is always better to stay positive and as my fiance is saying, aint like were leaving Jazz in a shelter for a year. He will be with someone he knows and has like 4 hc to run all over the place with an other dog.

    Of course, without being selfish I will be real sad because  my dog is so important to me, and we took so much time, money and energy to make sure he is well behaved, that I dont want him to loose everything while I wont be there to make sure he stays well behaved. Because our neighbor has nooooooooo clue wutsoever on how to be a good pack leader, and that is the thing that worries me. Even if I try to explain to her she wont listen on that.

    Also Jazz stayed with her a couple of time (not more then few weeks) and she always would be like, ”while your gone, Jazz was so sad, crying everyday and wouldnt eat that much”.

    As you are saying, and I even saw that on Cesar, dogs may not have the capacity  of knowing how much time has gone. But I have to be stronger and I should not show him that I am sad or that I am leaving him, or even that I am anxious about it cause then he might feel it and express it back, which would be worst.


    Hi again!  Although your neighbor is super-wonderful for caring for your dog while you are away, it is a bummer to hear things like, “‘while your gone, Jazz was so sad, crying everyday and  wouldnt eat that much.”  I am sure there were also many happy moments where the dog had fun playing with the other dog or did cute things.  It shocks me at how emotional pitbulls can be!  I know my dog pouts when we go somewhere – when she is not going along – they really are part of the family.  However, the dogs are also resilliant (spelling?) – and can & will adjust.  Maybe ask your awesome neighbor to let you know about the cute things the dog does or happy moments the dog seems to have while you are away.  Let that neighbor know – that when you learn the dog was seemed sad – it makes you incredibly sad and that it makes you feel guilty for leaving the dog – maybe the neighbor can keep the little  things that will only hurt you emotionally – to themselves.  Of course – if the dog is injured or there is a real problem – you will need to know.  You and the dog will go through an adjustment period – but you will both get through this.  Just know in your heart – that you love that dog – and you are doing everything in your power to do right by that dog.  Keep your priorites in order, take any necessary precautions, and by all means stay positive and know that you are doing the best you can!!!


    Hi again,

    so sorry ive been so busy with the packing and stuff, but thanks so much for your message. It felt really good to see that someone that I dont even know cared enough to answer me!

    I spoke to my neighbour today and she was like ”Let the dog with me hell be fine”, then I couldnt help it I just cried. So my fiance kept talking with her cause I couldnt face the situation. And you know, here in the caribean, t is the same than my country algeria, or any african countres, people dont really give that much importance to dogs. So Tessa was like ”but its just a dog, when she saw me cry”. But as you say, when you have a wonderful dog, you cant help it, hes just part of the family.

    But as you say I have to stay positive. The worst I can do is show Jazz that Im sad cause he will feel it and propably feel anxious about it. I just have to make sure that I contact Tessa everytime to see if Jazz is doing ok, give her money to take care of him, and come as much as I can to visit them.

    And anws it will be for maximum a year I guess.

    I just hope that Jazz dont forget us, my mum said that dogs never forget their owners and when we will be back, hell just be like nothing ever happened. I WANT TO BELIEVE HER.

    I just feel sooo guilty because it is our responsability and I didnt want to ever leave Jazz with someone else then us, specially for a year.


    Anws I hope that you and your family and doggie are doing fine. TC

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