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Mike Vick

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    I couldn’t care less about felons in general. But ppl who harm old ladies, children and animals do not deserve anything but a hole in the ground.

    We are not talking about some dopefiend holding up a 7/11 where no one was hurt or a bank robber.

    We’re not talking about convicted felons Paris Hilton and Martha Stewart.

    We are talking about torture and unspeakable evil.



    I was so overjoyed that most of the surviving dogs got families and a life they deserved.

    I grew up in an extremely abusive home where animals were sometimes harmed.

    I have greived over that all my life and each time their is justice and the innocent are rescued it heals another piece of my broken heart.

    I cried with relief.

    Each victory means so much.




    completely agree we are talking about toture, torture of these poor animalsthat only want to love people and want with everything they are to get love in return and this …….. “person” tortures them?



    I believe once a person pays their debt and takes their punishment they should be allowed to get a fresh start.


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Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)
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