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Mike Vick

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    Many of the dogs did get a second chance. It’s amazing how many dogs were saved. Out of 51 dogs only 1 was put down for agression issues. 2 died while in the shelter and one was put down because it was suffering from an abuse injury. That leaves 47 dogs saved. Some of them are even therapy dogs now. I recommend reading “The Lost Dogs – Micheal Vick’s Dogs and Their Tale of Rescue and Redemption” By Jim Gorant. It has a lot of information on how they built the case against Michael Vick and where the dogs are now. The parts about what he did to the dogs are horrifying. He actually swung a dog over his head like a jump rope and bashed it against trees and the ground. I can’t imagine how anybody could do something like that. And the NFL actually let him back in. Now he gets his own show too?!


    Amen Trinity4infinity! 

    The NFL and the NBA are notorious for having felons on their teams.  There was a story on the Michael Smerconish AM radio show that was discussing the Vick issue.  Smerconish brought up some incredibly startling statistics about the percentages of NBA and NFL players that were CONVICTED felons (many repeat felons) who were allowed to play again and make millions of dollars.  I cannot remember the exact percentages, but it was close to 30% of all NFL players and 45% of all NBA players are convicted felons.  Again, many of them being habitual felons.

    What this tells us and our kids is that it is ok to go out and commit crimes, because if you can play sports, you will still make millions and everyone will support you.  A crime doesn’t matter to the NFL and NBA.  It is sick how obsessed the US is with sports and the a**holes who play.  I don’t care if you are “a talented” player or not.  You commited a heinous crime and you should be banned from the sport.  If you are a felon, you should be banned from playing again, and I don’t give one crap about what that crime was.  You are a felon, end of discussion.  You don’t deserve millions and millions to play games, pat each other on the butt, and grab yourself even if you aren’t a felon.

    I loathe the NFL and NBA.  Nothing but a disgrace. 



    The two previous comments were deleted because of profanity.


    Hello Matt,

    I guess that you deleted my comment as well.

    I dont see nothing wrong on what I wrote down. I don’t understand. Let me know what went wrong.



    I agree with the consensus! Anyone who mistreats, let alone causes the death of any being is absolutely deplorable! I too will boycott the Eagles and any other company connected to Vick! 

    Also check this out!

    Leppert Didn’t Approve Giving City Key to Vick



    I agree I love my pit, MIKE VICK should have to  feel the pain those poor dogs felt.


    I agree. People act like it’s okay just because he’s famous. He shouldn’t of even been playing football after all that. He should of stayed in jail.


    I just watched the Animal Planet documentary about this (I knew about the story when it happened) and it is disgusting, and sad.  Only two dogs were put down, one was very sick and the other was human and dog aggresive.  I don’t understand why him or his accomplaces weren’t mentally evaluated.  Most stories about serial killers state that they started off killing animals.  Who knows what he will do next.  Seeing these dogs get a second chance and new homes is really touching though.  I am glad that animal activists faught for the rights of these animals because they couldn’t speak for themselves.  Ever since I was younger I’ve wanted to start a dog rescue.  That is still a dream of mine and I hope some day we can change the minds of those who have distorted images about pits and other breeds.  Though this story is a sad one I am glad for the outcome of these innocent animals that only wanted to please their masters.

    NuMBeR SiCkS

    Well it’s not really a reality show, this implies he is being filmed lived.  Its more like a behind the music docu-drama about the hardships Vick faced growing up, his time behind bars, and his rise back to stardom.  There is also supposed to be bits about him and the dogfighting.  Most likely an excuse for his inexcusable actions.  The bad part is so many people are going to watch it and feel sorry for Michael Vick, with no real insight into the amazingly cruel acts he committed. 

    I think if Vick truly wanted to make a changed he should start donating massive amounts of cash to dogfighting rescue efforts.  Then maybe I would take him seriously. 

    Also like posted in a previous post if you guys haven’t read The Lost Dogs, do so.  It’s amazing, but it really sad sometimes so be prepared.


    Its really disgusting. I thought it was bad before but now that I have a pit of my own, and watching shows like pit bulls and parolees that have dogs rescued from fighting I hate it all the more!


    I may be in the minority here but; While I think what Vick did was awful, low and disqusting, I do think everyone deserves a second chance.   I don’t think he should be allowed to own another dog anytime soon if ever.  I think he needs counseling and should be ordered to have it.  It is obvious he is a very sick person with a sick mind.  If criminals didn’t get second chances how would they function in society?  Should we just lock them all up and throw away the key? 

    I believe once a person pays their debt and takes their punishment they should be allowed to get a fresh start.  No I don’t think he should be allowed around dogs or own one but playing ball wasn’t part of his crime.



    I also agree. It’s an outrage.


    He and all dog fighters are on the level of a pedophile-beyond redemption.

    Some things are UNFORGIVABLE.

    Yes, lock them and throw away the key!

    If someone hurt your animals or children you wouldn’t be  so forgiving..

    Tildas daddy

    I have 2 wit DiBaskin on this one. I work at a prison in WV as well as vol. At my local shelter and i beleave all people deserve a 2nd chance. If ball is all he knows then by all means its better then dog fighting…and BOO to all u felon haters!!!!


    your premiss that he is only capible of one job is wrong. ball isnt all he knows, he has a college degree. I have trained people for years who have never worked in my feid and the are all successful. ball is all he know is a piss poor excuse for some one and a sad thought that a person is capible of one thing their entire lives. I too feel people need a second chance, however he knew what he was doing was wrong and dont give me he was raised that this is okay. hes human being cruel to another creature is wrong and you dnt have to be taught that, just like you dont have to be taught molesting children is wrong. there are some things you cant come back from and this would be on of them. nothing has happened to him. yes he went to prison for a tiny amount of time. for what he did the punishent did not fit the crime. he should have gotten way worse.

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