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Mike and Sadie

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    Hello all!

    New Pitbull owner Mike here! I’ve lived my whole life with dogs, but new to the pitbull scene. After careful research and learning, I’ve picked up my first pit, Sadie! She’s almost 9 weeks and she’s a pure joy! After a only a few days, she’s learned to brave those scary stairs.. She’s learning to lick more, no nibbles or bites (I know.. What am I doing teaching a pitbull to lick MORE?!).. And she’s already heading for the door to go potty! I’m very pleased with her work.

    She’s an amazing pup! The only drawback so far, is she loves to be close to me. So close she tries to walk either inbetween my feet, or I suspect possibly the actual spots I step in (not after I step there.. during. haha). And I greatly underestimated toys for her. Although, for any of the paid toys I got her, her favorite things are still hoodie drawstrings, jacket zipper tags, and easily in first place: the white cleaning instruction tags on towels or blankets! Heh

    Anyway, I’m very glad there is such a site to go and connect with other “pitbullians”, and with a lot of good information and insights to raising my new pup! 🙂


    – Mike!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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