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Male driven aggression?

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    Just today we had an incidence that could have turned into an ugly horror film. My husband and I took our 2 year old pit (he may be 2 1/2…upon adoption, they weren’t sure of his age) for his afternoon walk. Didn’t do his business, so we came back, rested, and then I took him out alone, and he does his business. Well, after that our neighbor (whom our pit has met before, with no complications) was speaking with another crossed the grass to go toward his home, he had said aloud, “Hey there buddy” (speaking to our pit). Our pit LOVES meeting people, and since he had no issues before, I figured what a treat for him to meet our neighbor again.

    His tail was wagging and the dog approached him, not the other way around (not sure if that was where we went wrong). Our neighbor was petting him upon his chest and just under his chin. Our pit then sat, and when our neighbor went to go give him another pat, our pit lept at him, growled…no indication that he didn’t feel comfortable, no hair standing on end. He just became overly aggressive, and NEVER NEVER NEVER has he done this before (he has gotten excited/aggressive during play, but we have tried to counteract that, and he has gotten better that way). I thought for sure he had drawn blood, but that didn’t happen.

    I was SCARED TO DEATH, because here is our baby who, we adopted from a stray shelter, took to training IMMEDIATELY upon adoption, have had for a year, and NEVER had any real issues with aggression toward people.

    If you have anything to share, I would LOVE to hear from you. He is my baby, and I am still trying to grasp WHY he did this…and I don’t want to become the pit owner who is afraid to still associate him with people and other animals…but maybe we need further training? And if so, what training would you recommend? THANK YOU


    my 7 yr old pitbull does that with some people will grown when certain people kneel down to pet him, it could b ur dog doesnt like the vibe coming off that person, make sure u punish him tho we use a mussle bc they need to know their wrong for doing that, but dont ever ever fear your pitbull bc they feel that and a male will dominate show u r the pack leader


    Danielle’s comment is heading in the right direction.  Go to http://leerburg.com and get the video “Establishing Pack Structure with the Family Pet”.  I own a number of Ed’s videos and they are worth their weight in Gold.  Very interesting to watch too.  You should be able to correct that behavior easily from the sounds of things.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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