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    my 12 m old pit is limping sometimes and after few seconds his back to normal.it happens every day it looks like cramp but i am not sure.anyone can give me some advice ?is it normal? or is it someting serious?my vet said its nmothing serious .but i need more opinions.please help.thanks


    my dog was a year old when one day i noticed he limped. it wasnt all the time so i just thought it was a cramp because it seemed to happen when he went from a laying to standing position. So i took him to the vet and turns out he has bad knees…its hereditary 🙁 im stuck with not knowing what to do i hate seeing him in pain…but the surgery is 7 thousand each leg..and my vet told me its not guaranteed! I say you get a different opinion or exrays done..


    thanks for shering with me .
    i did my resurch and finnd out this limping looks like laxiting patellar(knee displasia)
    its genetic in pit bulls and can be only fixed with surgery.so your vet is probebly correct-unfortunatly.
    thanks again


    I was just out yhe door to take mary jane to the vet for the same thing. one day she is fine 2 hours later she is limmping it is always the bck left side. try this web site Pitbulllovers.com then go to health sec. they have helpful info.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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