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Layla’s first Vet and groomers visit.

Welcome to Pitbulls.org Forums Pit Bull Talk General Discussion Layla’s first Vet and groomers visit.

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    Yesterday I took Layla to the vet, just as an introduction and to get her flee meds. The vet thanked me for bringing her in when nothing was wrong because she will get the impression that this is an okay place to be…. well Layla LOVED the vet. I have never seen a dog so happy to be at a vets office. She was excited from the time we got out of the car till the time we left. Every one of the staff knew her breed and they said she was beautiful and kept coming into the exam room to love on her. Not just pet her they got on the floor with her and petted her profusely. There were maybe 8 different staffers that did this. Then there was the vet. Layla adored him. He got on the floor and she crawled in his lap and buried her muzzle under his arm, wagging her tail like crazy. Then she looked at him, put her head on his shoulder and licked him gently behind his ear. He ate every bit of that up. He fell right in love with her. She had that whole office eating out of her hand…. Uh paw LOL! I went to pay and they opened a Dutch door and 3 of them jumped to the floor to love on her, continuing to treat her. They kept saying how great of a pit bull she. It was a great experience for both me and her.

    I then took her to petsmart to be bathed properly. I got the big package oatmeal bath, hair conditioner, flea and tick, nails buffed… She didn’t like someone else walking her on the leash away from me and she looked at me like, “okay what is going on??” I could see her getting her nails buffed and she was licking the mess out of the groomer. He took her in the back to bathe her and when he was done he came out and confirmed that she was mine. I asked how she did and he said, “man you have the best dog, she licked me the entire time and the only thing she didn’t let me do was get the hair dryer on her ears. Shes a great dog!”

    Several people at the vet have pits which made me feel great, and a lady at Petsmart has 4. She has been well received everywhere I take her. Its funny she is such a great dog and she languished in the shelter for so long! Its sad to think as well that if it was a kill shelter such a great dog would have been killed, because of her breed.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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