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Just rescued

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    I have always had a  small dog, yorkie, poodle, maltese. But my 23 year old daughter was  a big fan of larger dogs  and the Pit was one of her favorites .  My argument to her was when you get your own place , then you can get your Pit   However  fate delt us another hand   My daughter just won her battle with Cancer, and decided to visit the local rescue center, well behold she fell in love with a Pit that was not adopted within the 2 month period and his fate was in her hands OK this story can go on forever so I will stop rambeling and announce that I am the Proud Grandmother of a boy named Gino…..Welcome Gino your loving presence is welcome…..



    Solid Black Pit

    Most importantly, congratulations to your daughter. My pit Sammy kind of “fell into my lap” when my neighbor’s father wouldn’t let him keep the pitbull puppy he brought home. I think that under different circumstances, I would have done a rescue as you did. Now let’s see some pic’s!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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