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jumping, pulling….

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    hello everyone! :]

    its been a while since ive been on! but need some help, or advice

    so im having a hard time with my female Neela.

    where to start, well first i have Neela and my male Otis in a closed off section of my yard and go everyday to feed them, walk them and let them loose to run in the rest of the yard. The hard part is….that Neela wont let me get into the gate!! she jumps on the gate door and does this jump and run around thing then jumps again! (Otis just sits there and watches her, and tilts his head like what is she doing?..lol) ive tried standing there and waiting till she calms down…dosent work…she dosent seem to get tired! once ive waited a while i brace myself and enter, and get get jumped on at least 3 times which hurts! ive had bruises and scratches on my sides because of her. im pretty small about 5′ ft tall and not yet at 100 pounds (lol) and Neela is about sixty something pounds soooo it makes it pretty difficult. how do i get her to stop jumping? and the second problem shes a puller on walks…she walks me lol! it gets pretty frustrating and i dont want to give up! (and i wont im determined!) so any suggestions w ill help!


    thanks! :]

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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