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Introducing myself

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    My name’s Cari.  I adopted a pitty about 6 months ago.  She’s now an 11 month old spayed female.  She came from an unfortunate situation and was malnourished when brought to the shelter.  She was a goofy, playful puppy but as she’s gotten older, some very unfortunate behavior has began to surface. She is so protective of me that she has displayed quite a bit of aggresion when people have come over to my house.  Or when my neighbors come outside and her and I are in the backyard.  The trip to the vet the other day almost made me cry.  Mabel was so worked up and growling and barking when the vet tried to enter the exam room.  They had to hand me a muzzle through a crack in the door and I put it on Mabel before the vet could enter.  Mabel is now at a training facility in St. Louis called The Dog House/Tome Rose Training School.  Pitbulls are such wonderful dogs! I don’t know the exact details on what Mabel’s first 4 months of life were like.  But I’m afraid that it’s having some negative effects on her personality now that she’s getting older. I hope my story has a happy ending but I guess that has yet to be seen. I’m here to investigate any similar issues and try to educate myself futher on the breed/training options/success stories.




    Hello my name is Victoria. I was supposed to be bringing home my adopted pitbull mix Colby today to my apartment. But my apartment wont allow him cuz hes a pitbull. Hes eight months old. They worded it just like this “oh then definitely not NOPE” when my roommate told her the breed. They gave us a copy of the pet rules too? Yeah the only other breeds they dont allow besides pitbulls are (listed word for word I have them right in front of me): Dobermans Rottweilers German Shepherd FUCKING BULLSHIT I have to give my dog away now cuz of them….id rather be homeless with my dog but my dumb brother a.) wont let me go anywhere alone or for “a reason like that b.) he doesn’t want to be homeless period no matter why FUCK BSL…..IT AINT BREED SPECIFIC LEGISLATION……ITS A BULL SHIT LAW….

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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