I am a pit bull expert

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    Yes you read it right. True I have only had Layla for a month but I am an expert… at least that is what the neighbors that just got a red nose puppy think LOL! He is very cute all ears and feet. They saw me walking Layla and the little pitty stood in the middle of the road waiting on us to come around completely ignoring his human. I used Layla to get him back in the yard. He is still very little, probably not even 4 months yet. They ask me lots of questions and I tell them lots of things to expect, (Velcro dog the cuddling comfy spot stealer being one), of things I have seen out of Layla but mostly telling them what I have learned here on this site. I researched a lot before I got her but the majority of what I know I know because of all of you.

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