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I am adopting a dog sight unseen…..

Welcome to Pitbulls.org Forums Pit Bull Talk Training I am adopting a dog sight unseen…..

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    I am adopting a dog sight unseen from a high kill shelter in SC. (A pit bull or pit mix). I have seen a picture of the dog and know very little about it (owner surrendered because she was going to “college” and he was described as very sweet). I am nervous of course because my roomate has a boston terrier that is an sassy alpha female and we also have three cats. I want to make sure I don’t make any stupid mistakes and I give this dog a proper introduction into my home. Is there some advice you can offer me? Someone I can talk to? Also, I would like to attend obedience classes but I am very strapped for cash….is there anyone out there in this area that can help me train my dog? I have lots of experience training horses….and feel it will be easy for me to learn.


    Thank you!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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