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Human Medicine and PITS

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    I want to tell everyone please keep all medications out of reach for children and dogs i have recently had the scare of my life my wife had her naproxen in her pocket book well a snooping dog lol decided to get it and eat 5 or 6 naproxen as you no they are highly toxic to dogs!!!!!!!!!! THANKS THE GOOD LORD ABOVE my pitty is still with us she is getting better and the vet said not to worry she will make a complete recovery…i would have died if she wouldnt have made it my pits are my babys i call them my fur kids lol and i also have a 5 yr and 2 yr old my family would have lost a member if it wasnt for THE LORD ABOVE but she is OK now and almost back to normal just please for petes sake dont make the mistake i did keep all meds up high thanks for letting me share this with yall

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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