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how to get my puppy to be ok with the leash

Welcome to Pitbulls.org Forums Pit Bull Talk Training how to get my puppy to be ok with the leash

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    i rescued a 6wk old puppy and he is now 8wks old. When i first got him i was just letting him walk behind me when i took him out because he was a little scared. Now he has gotten curious when outside. He no longer gets scared when outside and runs around and sometimes i have a hard time getting him to come to me. I know am trying to use the leash and it is a big problem. He will wear it and walk as long as my son and i are not holding it, but the min one of us icks it up he plops down and wont move even with a treat as motivation. So i have been reduced back to just walkin him w/o it. When we first started using the leash i was rewarding him everytime he walked with it. Now im stuck and i dont know what to do. When i put it on he just sits there and scratches at his neck where the coller is. He doesnt even lke that. So i dont know what to do and i need major help. I want him to get used to it for the simple reason that when he gets older he has to wear one cause  know he will be to big to not be on one because of iggnorant ppl in my neighborhood. So if there are any ideas please help me!!!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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